I started swimming when I was 5 and retired when I was 23 from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania swim team.  Swimming for sure, was an outlet for me and kept me out of trouble when I was in high school.


In college I majored in Exercise Science and started personal training before I graduated.  After I graduated from IUP I bounced around trying to find my place in the world but would always come back to training.  I love everything about it, I love people's stories, I love their goals and their drive, and I love hanging out in yoga pants all day (haha).  At this point I have 18 years experience of being an athlete, over 20 years experience training and coaching, and am completely in love with every part of it.


I have also gained and lost over 100 lbs.  My 20's were tough on me and like I said, it took me some time to figure out where I was going.  That being said, I understand the struggle of feeling fat and out of shape.  I know what its like to feel defeated.  I know how to hate myself and I'm learning how to respect myself. Understanding all of those emotions inside and out gives me such a connection with my clients struggles, because I know every emotion all to well.  On the flip side of that I also know what confidence feels like and I want to help all of my clients find that.