Contracts are on a month-to-month basis.  I know life can get super crazy and although I prefer a long term commitment, I don't want you to be roped into something you're not using.

How often do you get new plans?


I create plans every month and will post them on the last Tuesday of every month so that you have them for the next month and know what you're in for.



Through the app I have a text messaging, so you can text me any questions directly, thoughts or concerns.  I will also message you to keep you on track if I see you falling off your plan.  Accountability is the name of the game, right?


How do I cancel 


To cancel just send me an email at kristin@fitnesswerqs.com and let me know your decision.  I do need 10 days notice on any cancellation.  

Access to the app after cancellation  


After cancellation your entire account will be put on an inactive status for six months and then completely deleted from our database so as to not take up too much storage space on our end.